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By applying for and accepting membership at Eagle Bar, 15 Bloom Street, Manchester M1 3HZ, you are agreeing 
to the following:-

1. Eagle membership is restricted to people who share a protected characteristic of gender. Therefore anyone who 
identifies as male would qualify for membership.

2. Within the protected characteristic the potential member is then vetted in respect of suitability 
(including age verification).

3. Membership is checked on the door by the doorstaff when doorstaff are on duty, and by the bar staff before alcohol can be purchased at times before the doorstaff come on shift.

4. If someone approaches the venue wishing to gain entry but doesn’t hold membership, if they fit our criteria then they are invited to complete an application form there and then so that they can be admitted to the premises.

5. On themed nights/Events, there is a secondary door to the area of the venue that is holding the night, where a further check is carried out that also requires the attendee(s) to wear suitable attire for the event.

6. By accepting membership, you are agreeing that your personal information will be held by the premises in line with GDPR requirements.  Personal information will only be retained until such time as membership is no longer in place.

7. Members will adhere to the dress code as set out below:-

Permitted – casual men’s attire, jeans, shorts, leather, rubber, denim, traditional Scottish and utility kilts, lederhosen, military, industrial, suits, work wear, sports kit, boots, shoes and trainers. 

8 Any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation is regarded as unacceptable behaviour, and ongoing membership will be reviewed.

9. The taking of illegal substances will incur immediate revocation of membership, and any Member will be asked 
to leave the premises forthwith.

10. Members must behave in an appropriate and considerate manner, and treat all members of staff with courtesy (in person, writing or by telephone). 

11. Members must behave in an appropriate and considerate manner towards other Members and their guests.
12. Members will support the bars charitable aims and objectives where possible. 

13. Membership cards are for the use of the Member only. These must not be altered or duplicated. Cards cannot be loaned to family members or friends. The membership card remains the property of Eagle Bar and must be presented to a member of staff upon request. Any membership card which is found to have been used in contravention to the above will be confiscated.


Failure to adhere to the above will lead to a review of your membership by the premises, and the Member may face suspension - or indeed termination - of their membership.

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