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SNKER is a Brand new night for Lads into Scally's & Chav's and there gear... Sneaker's / trainers, socks, Tracksuits PVC Leather rubber cotton Nylon Cap's and bling. The event will be bi-monthly on rotation with its Bro night STRETCH.

SNKER will consist of a brand new DJ to Manchester DJ Laurie Johnston Playing Progressive house and Techno.

There will be Pre-drinks in the lodge bar upstairs and MancsBound a bondage night will be happening in Black eagle before so if thats your thing get along there if not just chill with a few drinks upstairs and talk gear with the lads.

Downstairs there will be a back ally play area with plenty of seating to get them sniffers and lickers down on their knees worshiping them SNEKS. We're really excited for this If you are a regular of STRETCH then you will all ready know that we will do everything to deliver a really horny night.


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