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SNKER is a Brand new night for Lads into Scally's & Chav's and there gear... Sneaker's / trainers, socks, Tracksuits PVC Leather rubber cotton Nylon Cap's and bling. The event will be bi-monthly on rotation with its Bro night STRETCH.

SNKER will consist of a brand new DJ to Manchester DJ Laurie Johnston Playing Progressive house and Techno.

There will be Pre-drinks in the lodge bar upstairs and MancsBound a bondage night will be happening in Black eagle before so if thats your thing get along there if not just chill with a few drinks upstairs and talk gear with the lads.

Downstairs there will be a back ally play area with plenty of seating to get them sniffers and lickers down on their knees worshiping them SNEKS. We're really excited for this If you are a regular of STRETCH then you will all ready know that we will do everything to deliver a really horny night.


There is a strict dress code in force it's a Scally night so no jeans, shoes, boots, were looking for lots of the big chavy brands NIKE, Adidas, and of course the fetish brands such as Mr Regiello, Sk8erboy, Kieffuer, Aasssox Were hoping to see lots of caps skin fade crops, chains and bling.

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