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Collared is an all encompassing fetish event on the first Saturday of every month.

Whether you come to get tied up, tortured, tickled, tummy rubs, or talk with friends, Collared has you covered. We welcome anybody from the nervous newbie to the practised player.

Our event is for men who are into men. This includes Trans-men and gender non-conforming people who present as men.

Collared was created in 2009 in London as a not-for-profit organisation owned by its members, with the aim of providing a safe space for beginners to explore their fetishes while in the company of those more experienced than themselves in a friendly, attitude free environment.

It expanded to Manchester in 2014 with a series of social events which turned into a full monthly event in 2015.


There is no dress code at our events, though we encourage people into gear to dress up for the occasion.

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